Welcome to the Bioconjugate Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

Optimizing the Bioconjugate Supply Chain Delivery by Overcoming Logistical Bottlenecks to Satisfy Clinical Demand & Meet Aggressive Timelines

Built with key voices from companies such as Bolt Biotherapeutics, Pfizer, Regeneron, Mersana Therapeutics and more, the inaugural Bioconjugate Supply Chain & Logistics Summit tackles the challenges faced in the fields of ADCs and bioconjugates. This meeting is dedicated to providing thought-provoking discussions on the roadblocks hindering supply chain and logistics, such as raw material procurement, storage of highly potent drugs, linker manufacturing, distribution and much more.

The pre-conference workshop day aims to alleviate some of the more complex bottlenecks in the bioconjugate supply chain, by leading interactive discussions with your peers. You will leave these highly focused workshops with clarity and a deeper understanding of the regulatory considerations and protocols surrounding bioconjugates, and the analytical timelines required to provide a smooth transition into the manufacturing of your drug.

With numerous bioconjugates in development and on their way to changing the lives of many patients, we cannot allow supply chain challenges to hinder their development and approval. It is therefore pivotal to unite the bioconjugate community to tackle digitalization, maintain current supply chain timelines in light of recent COVID challenges, understand how to source raw materials more quickly, and streamline the supply chain of bioconjugates.

Join your colleagues at this unmissable 3-day summit to be at the forefront of these life-changing conversations to meet the shared goal of streamlining the complex supply chain of bioconjugates and meet aggressive timelines.