About The Bioconjugate Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

The complexity of the bioconjugate supply chain is on the forefront of the industry's minds for two main reasons. As the regulatory pathway for ADCs and bioconjugates becomes more defined in the wake of 11 approved ADCs and considerable investment into the field, there is an increased pressure to get bioconjugates into clinical development and to the patient faster. Furthermore, the considerable impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and the resourcing of raw materials has been felt worldwide.

The inaugural Bioconjugate Supply Chain & Logistics Summit has been carefully curated to exclusively focus on the common challenges observed while navigating the ADC and bioconjugate supply chain from a clinical and manufacturing perspective. As we look to the future of bioconjugate drug development of bioconjugates, this meeting will become increasingly more important as the field progresses with clinical development at an increasing rate. With 3 days of content and 20+ speakers, join your colleagues and contribute your expertise to this solution-focused discussion.

 Given recent developments in the space, we are excited to unite the bioconjugate community in October as we seek to:

  • Share expertise from across the supply chain to standardize the incredibly complex bioconjugate supply chain
  • Take part in collaborative discussions with service providers and drug developers to generate an effective and open line of communication to appreciate and understand the industry's needs
  • Contribute to the anonymous conference survey to figure out shared dissatisfactions with the service provider-drug developer relationship, and discuss these within an open forum

A Sneak Peek of the Content:


October 24


October 25-26


October 25-26

The Pre-Conference Workshop Day will facilitate intimate discussion-focused sessions with your colleagues across the bioconjugate supply chain, to better understand some of the more complex bottlenecks regarding regulations and analytical timelines.

These interactive sessions offer a unique opportunity to pose your questions and learn from thought-leaders in the space.

With 2 days of logically structured topics covering the entire supply chain from raw material procurement through to drug distribution, the main conference agenda seeks to address challenges from both bioconjugates and ADCs, from both a manufacturing and clinical perspective.

Relevant to each section of the supply chain, this meeting aims to foster creative solutions to long lead times and generate productive conversations to overcome shared challenges.

Throughout this meeting, an anonymous survey will be conducted to ask the 'real questions' about your experiences within the supply chain. This aims to uncover the authentic challenges within the field.

This answers will be covered in a digestible review at the end of day two, before providing direction to a thought-provoking and valuable discussion session amongst your peers and key opinion leaders in the space.